Relationship counselling

Autonomy in connection with the other

Staying true to yourself will help your self-confidence grow. Self-confidence enables/allows you to entrust yourself to the other, which is important in a (romantic) relationship. You could call this “standing on your own two feet, in connection to your partner”. This form of autonomy is what we aim for in haptonomic relationship counselling; being connected to yourself, and connect from there to the other. Through exercises you will explore the patterns that play big and sometimes distorting roles in your relationship. The physical approach gives insights and possibilities for development and change.

Sometimes it has already become clear that you will end the relationship. In this case, the counselling can help to do so as respectfully as possible. Both for your family, the past, and the future.

The costs are € 85 per session. Some insurance companies reimburse haptotherapy whole or in part, as part of the additional insurance.

I am a member of the professional association for haptotherapists, the VVH. You will find a list of reimbursements from insurance companies on this website:

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