In the quietness of your inner self, the truth will be heard

Haptotherapy is a person-oriented therapy in which the body is the main instrument. Touching is the most direct and powerful way to come into contact with your own emotions; it brings you closer to yourself and to what you truly feel. This is why touching is the tool of the haptotherapist. Affirmative touching helps you experience yourself and it paves the way for the process of healing. The haptotherapist acts as guide or coach.

Through a combination of touching, dialogues and exercises with tools, we will search for the story your body has to tell. You will learn to recognise and change or let go of patterns, blockages and tensions. The affirmative connection opens your emotions and you will learn to trust them. The zest for life, inner peace and vitality will return to your life.


  • When you are struggling to recognise and express your feelings
  • When you are experiencing physical discomforts without clear medical cause, such as hyperventilation, burn-out and stress
  • When you find it difficult to set limits
  • When you are experiencing fatigue and pain
  • When dealing with depression, anxiety and restlessness
  • When you struggle with intimacy and sexuality
  • When you are having problems with accepting chronic pain, trauma or loss
  • When you are in puberty and feel lost
  • When you have questions about personal development and finding meaning

I am a member of the professional association for haptotherapists, the VVH.

You will find a list of reimbursements from insurances on this website: www.haptotherapeuten-vvh.nl.

You do not have to claim reimbursements from your additional insurance from your deductible first.

The costs are € 85 per session.

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