You can reach my practice in two ways: via the alley at the Noordeinde 21a, or through Wateringsevest nr 11c on the left of “van Leeuwen, Kluswijs” through the “Renaud catering supplies” gate. Please call the children’s physiotherapy for the gate to open.

Parking in the city centre is difficult, especially now during the construction work on the railway tunnel. You can park (paid):

  • at the Wateringsevest, free of charge until noon
  • at the Noordeinde or at “de Kolk”, free of charge until 10:00 am
  • on the right of the water tower in the Kalverbos, free of charge until noon

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to park on the Noordeinde 21a site.

Tram line 1 and Bus 130 stop nearby (stop Wateringsevest).