Maaike van Leur

We are born feelers

who are made into thinkers

In 1996 I enrolled in the general course for Haptonomy at the recognised Academy for Haptonomy in Doorn. After that, I also completed the training for Haptotherapy in 2004. In addition to these courses, I have also been trained for Haptonomic Pregnancy Guidance in Doorn, and have specialised in Relationship Counselling.

I have worked as an independent exercise therapist (Cesar therapy) in my practice in Delft since 1981. I have done so with much enthusiasm and have grown as a professional and as a person. In the interaction with my clients, I have always focussed on the person rather than on the technical details around their physical discomforts. That is why I am glad that I became a haptotherapist; it suits me and my life-experience better.

I consider it a privilege to connect with people and to temporarily walk alongside them on their life path. My own experiences as a partner and a mother to three daughters help me as I guide others in their personal development.